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About Oketani

The Oketani Method is the unique breast management method created by Ms. Sotomi Oketani.
She also theorized, based upon her more than 30 years experience, that breastfeeding enhances mother-and-child bonding, while also enriching the mother and child's physical and mental condition by natural means. As a result, she formalized a method, called "Oketani Breast Management" in 1981.

Here we introduce "Breastfeeding Your Child : The Oketani Method"
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Characteristics of the Oketani Method

  • Breast manipulation through the Oketani Method gives no pain or discomfort to mothers. This is in contrast to conventional breast massage.
  • Lactation is enhanced regardless of the size or shape of the breast and nipple.
  • The entire breast becomes softer, and the aureola, nipple neck and nipple become more elastic, making it easier for the baby to suckle.
  • The flow of the milk in the ducts is smoothed, because of the pressure on the alveoli.
  • Milk secretion is promoted as the baby suckles, and the quality of the milk improves.
  • Deformities, such as inversion and flattening, are rectified, as are conditions such as cracked and/or sore nipples.
  • Nipple injuries, engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis can be prevented.
  • The mother's whole body becomes relaxed.

As of 2008, we have more than 400 Oketani Certificate members in Japan.
Oketani members in Japan operate two hundred and seventy private clinics,while others of us work in hospitals and clinics as lactation experts.

International Activity

Oketani Activity in Bangladesh – for all mothers and children in this world -

Due to lack of breast milk, many babies suffer from hunger and infectious disease in developing countries such as Bangladesh.

Since 1994, we have taught our technique to more than 200 doctors and midwives in Bangladesh, to promote and improve breastfeeding activity.

Since 1999, Oketani midwives have been visiting ICMH and providing training to medical professionals supported by Akaeda Medical Research Foundation, (Tokyo, Japan, http://akaedazaidan.com/)supervised by Prof. M. Q. K.Talukder as the founder of Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation.

In 2014 April, we start a new project supported by JICA titled "Oketani-Method Training Enhancement Project in Bangladesh" We have a main Oketani Lactation Center in Dhaka Bangladesh, named "Akaeda Oketani Lactation Management Center", which is part of the "Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH)".

The Oketani Method has been well received by Bangladeshi doctors and midwives. The Oketani technique is currently being practiced at ICMH, CWCH (Center of Women and Child Health) and at other organizations.

In those institutes, Oketani midwives who were trained by the Japanese facilitators give Oketani Massage to mothers.
At the end of this project in 2017, we will open 15 new Oketani Lactation Center and 80 midwives will be trained in Bangladesh.
Oketani-Method Training Enhancement Project in Bangladesh
Oketani-Method Training
A breastfeeding Bangladeshi mother
Children in a slum
Teaching the Oketani technique to midwives Practicing the Oketani technique Teaching the Oketani technique to midwives Teaching how to breastfeed to a mother has twin baby

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